Respite Care


Healing Process

Respite care is Home care from professional healthcare and supportive services to meet your individual needs, preferences and concerns. Receiving respite care at home or in a facility allows you time to heal and recuperate from a surgery, a long hospital stay for example from cancer therapy, family taking a trip, or you just need time to be rehabilitated and strengthened before you go back home to be on your own.


A person with cancer can spend less time in the hospital and recuperate in a respite setting. This can provide relief to family caregivers whether they live in the same home or distance away. Rehabilitative Services are rendered as needed and basic personnel care such as a bed bath or shower, cooking, cleaning etc. are done by HCS support worker. One can also receive hospice care at home with several teams’ interventions. 

At HCS we work in collaboration with our clients’ medical doctor or specialists to provide the best plan of care to minimize complications. We assess our clients daily and deliver integrated care and services. Families are kept informed and updated on client progress and their concerns are communicated as needed. Our nurses’ gives capable and supportive care while they educate families and clients on procedures or special care needed.


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