Palliative Care


Challenges, Benefits and Care

Dignity and Quality of Life are mandatory requirements in HCS Care. The clients are our PRIORITY not the disease in the clinical approach to care. We are mindful of our clients and family concerns such as pain management, constipation and other symptoms. We will co-ordinate client care needs with our professionals to reflect on our clients’ comfort, preferences to achieve our clinical goal, empathy, communication and support.

Our Focus at HCS is to foster well-being while we maintain a supportive family and caregivers approach through this challenging journey of illness and bereavement. HCS Palliative Goal is to provide stress relief and improve the quality of life for both the client and the family. 

Our trained Nurses will work in collaboration with our clients’ medical doctor or specialists to provide the best plan of care to minimize complication and provide extra support. We assess our clients’ daily so that we can deliver integrated, respectful, dignified care and services. Our capable qualified nurses will always keep families updated and graciously follow their concerns.

Some challenges in Palliative care that our nurses consistently and will adequately monitor are pain, breathing problems, depression, constipation, fatigue, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, fears and many other symptoms that can cause family and client distress.

Our Palliative, Respite and or Hospice care Nurses help families gain strength to maintain some balance with their daily living and improve their quality of life to be present to support your loved ones who are ill. It is sad and very heart wrenching to see your loved ones suffer from a clinical illness.

Some of the Benefits of Palliative, Hospice care are:

  • The familiar setting at home is one of love, intimacy, respect and dignity, shared memories and culture
  • Contentment being at home with family can be the happiness mom/dad or child cherish most and live longer
  • This environment can produce a more peaceful, less noisy, human dignified passing.
  • Friends can come and go at any time without having set visitation hours 
  • Having that precious time together as a family when facing bereavement challenges, sharing uninterrupted quality and intimate time together.  

Being in the comfort of your home with care helps with longevity and peace of mind.