Benefits of Adult Brain Health Day Program


The Adult Brain Health Day Program allows caregivers to have peace of mind and a well-deserved break from the daily struggles of meeting their family member needs while balancing their own responsibilities. 

Day Program is a necessary care option for families as they transition into being the Primary Caregiver for their loved ones. Family members do become overwhelmed by the quantity of work and care involved in caring for a family member such as medication schedules and administration, physical stress, lack of proper care knowledge to adequately meet their loved ones’ needs. 

Caregivers can be burnt out caring for a family member and living a normal life outside for themselves, keep a full-time job and handle day-to-day demands. This can be incredibly difficult, overwhelming and stressful thus; the BENEFITS of our Brain Health Day Program will allow caregivers lead a more balanced lifestyle with better coping skills and strategies. 

Other Benefits of our Day Program

  • Continue to preserves and maintain client independence
  • Promotes a social cognition brain stimulating advantage
  • Safely engages seniors in appropriate physical activities
  • Create an organised daily routine and expectation for the client
  • Overall improvement for client's health, quality of life and well-being
  • Have daily assessments
  • Family member feedback and education on improvement in clients’ health
  • Reduce Caregivers stress for eg. Social involvement and fulfill other obligations
  • Great social interaction that clients’ can look forward to having which can possibly delay progression of Dementia and IMPROVE their quality of life.