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"Living Longer Living Well"

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HCS Innovative Healthcare Services Inc. (HCS). "HCS Team is devoted to our Seniors' Longevity therefore we ensure our elderly live their last days with love, dignity and respect"

HCS was founded by dedicated healthcare leaders who share the same passion of creating better "Health" for our seniors. We are your Alternative Best Practice in Healthcare with an Innovative Approach to Homecare Solutions. HCS comprised of our In-Home Healthcare and Brain Health Day Program.

"We are a Care Team with a Difference"

We deliver high quality needs specific individualized care to our clients living with Alzheimers/Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson, Mental Health Illnesses, Chronic illnesses and diseases, Post -op care and Palliative care just to name a few. We take pride in maintaining optimal care to ensure you receive dignified, diverse, professional care and communication. Our client safety and satisfaction are mandatory in our practice.  

"Living Longer Living Well"

Our Team will work in collaboration with your family physician and medical professionals to create individualized Plan of Care to ensure that we meet your health requirements and expectations. Our ongoing assessment of your condition is to prevent any complications or negative clinical changes. We are here to support you with our team of Counselors and Nurses as you experience challenges. HCS will prepare you for home-care, retirement and Respite care ALL in your own home and community among loved ones and friends.  

Our coming "Brain Health Day Program and Drop in Centre"  will enhance your cognitive abilities with our advanced brain stimulation program.  Our Alzheimers/Dementia program is a unique opportunity to interact with others, involve in socialization, learn and enjoy new activities, participate in Brain stimulation and exercises.  HCS takes into account your increased longevity therefore everything we do allows you an opportunity to maintain new learning towards enhancing your cognitive abilities.

Our Cognitive stimulation is Reality Orientated Therapy to meet our special clients emotional, mental, behavioural and physical and judgmental health awareness.  

"Finance should NEVER be the gap in living a Quality Lifestyle"  

The Financial Post Quoted that Caring for aging parents cost Canadians $33 Billion a year and is just going to get worse. Not to mention the indirect out of pocket expenses and time off work for all siblings taking care for their sick Parents.  

Our "Philosophy and Belief "  You live the BEST DAYS of your life doing what you LOVE. We balance living for today with your physical capabilities to enjoy the fruits of your labour. We show you the positive sides to healthcare in the various services we provide. HCS Healthcare Team focuses on professionalism and knowledge. We are committed to the Wholistic care we provide.

Our research innovative team provides and transfer the skill-sets necessary to improve healthcare and education in today's society. 




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We strongly advise that you consult with your family doctor and caregiver prior to obtaining any support and personal care from HCS Innovative Healthcare Services Inc.